With Edge, Microsoft’s forced Windows updates just sank to a new low
Microsoft won’t sell facial recognition to police until Congress passes new privacy law
Microsoft AI journalists confuse mixed-race Little Mix singers on the MSN homepage
Microsoft’s new Edge browser now rolling out via Windows Update
Microsoft finally gives the AppGet developer the credit he deserves
Microsoft is blocking the Windows 10 May 2020 update on multiple devices
Microsoft dismisses journalists to replace them with AI
Microsoft copied its new Windows Package Manager from rival AppGet, says developer
The biggest announcements for Microsoft Build 2020
Microsoft Lists is a new application developed for teams, SharePoint and Outlook
Microsoft unifies Windows desktop and UWP applications with the new Project Reunion
Microsoft’s new PowerToys Run launcher for Windows 10 is now available for download
First look: Microsoft’s 13.5-inch Surface Book 3
Microsoft’s Surface Pro X with upgraded storage costs $ 400
Microsoft’s Surface Duo may not have great battery life
Microsoft now blocks full-response email storms to end our inbox nightmares
Office for iPad is receiving support for mouse and trackpad later this year
Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X boot screen, confirms July event for Halo Infinite and more
Microsoft confirms that Windows 10X is coming to laptops amid the huge leap in the use of Windows
Slack CEO: Microsoft Teams is no Slack competitor
Microsoft Build becomes free, virtual and more developer-focused for 2020
Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds user manual arrives at the FCC, implying that the launch may be soon
Microsoft will demonstrate Xbox Series X games on May 7
Microsoft Teams headsets now have a button to launch and control the chat application
Microsoft’s big Xbox Game Pass bet is starting to pay off
Microsoft reports increased PC demand during coronavirus and ‘minimal impact’ on revenue
Microsoft’s Your Phone app now lets you control music on a phone from your PC
Microsoft releases final Windows 10 May 2020 update for testers
Tesla is dropping HAL 9000 ‘Sentry Mode’ graphic in new software update
Microsoft’s Xbox Game Bar is getting custom widgets and its own store on Windows
Microsoft aims to win back consumers with new Microsoft 365 subscriptions
Microsoft to prioritize cloud access for first responders and emergency services
Microsoft gets ready for a new era of Windows
HP is teasing a new VR headset in partnership with Valve and Microsoft
Microsoft discloses new Windows vulnerability that’s being actively exploited
The right shape for big-screened, portable computers
Personal voice assistants struggle with black voices, new study shows

Personal voice assistants struggle with black voices, new study shows

Stanford researchers found that speech recognition algorithms disproportionately misunderstood black speakers Speech recognition systems have more problems understanding the voices of black users than those of white users, according to a new study by Stanford. The researchers used speech recognition tools from…

Xbox Live went down for the second time this week
CDC uses Microsoft healthcare chatbot service to create coronavirus symptom checker
A first look at Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service for Windows PCs

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