Google designed its perfect Google Meet video call system
Google needs the Pixel 4a to launch now more than ever
How technology companies are fighting antitrust efforts with frontline groups
Google Duo now allows you to send zoom-like invitation links for group video calls
See how Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri answer the question: ‘Are black lives important?’
Google Maps adds new COVID-19 alerts as more cities reopen
Google will launch Google Plus replacement chains for G Suite users in July
The stupid little Gmail compose button gets a little smaller on Android
Google accounts now work with NFC, USB-C and Lightning security keys on iOS
Google pulls popular app that helped remove Chinese apps from phones
Here’s our best look at Google’s new Android TV streaming device
Google adding advanced protection for Nest devices
The latest pixel features from Google include a “security check” for when you’re walking alone
Pixel Buds users are reporting Bluetooth connection issues
Google postpones Android 11 Beta announcement as protests rage in US cities
Google reportedly terminated 2,000 contracted jobs
Google resumes updating of SameSite cookies, more privacy friendly for Chrome
Google Maps makes it easy to share your location without an address
Google’s search results will take into account the “page experience” next year
Google is reopening offices in July on a limited basis
The antitrust case against Google is becoming just another partisan fight
The Google app is getting dark now
Google Fi is launching eSIM support on iOS for existing customers
Google’s experimental “smart braid” headset wire controls music with a squeeze
Google has suspended a popular podcast application for Android because it catalogs the content of COVID-19
Google puts its Grow with Google classes online
YouTube Music can finally import your library and uploads from Google Play Music
How to transfer your Google Play Music library to YouTube Music
Windows and macOS still haven’t found the right balance to manage applications
Hackers are impersonating Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet for phishing scams
The Google app to help kids improve reading skills is now available in 180 countries
Google Podcasts will provide podcasters with more data about their listeners
How to record videoconferences on Zoom, Google Meet and Skype
Google Meet starts to launch in Gmail, continuing the Google search to take down Zoom
Google Drive adds Face ID and Touch ID protection to iPhone and iPad
Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and WebEx are collecting more customer data than they appear to be
Coronavirus causes the worst contraction in the smartphone market in history
Google announces changes to Chrome Web Store policies to help combat spammy extensions
Coronavirus: David Icke channel deleted by YouTube

Coronavirus: David Icke channel deleted by YouTube

YouTube excluded the conspiracy theorist David Icke’s official channel from his platform. Google’s proprietary music video service took action after repeatedly warning Icke that he had violated his policies by publishing misleading information about the coronavirus pandemic. However, the company will still…

Google ends event organizing experiment as local meetings disappear
How YouTube moderators are following changes to COVID-19 guidelines
Google Meet video conferencing is now free for anyone
Jay Z tries to use copyright notices to remove his own audio from YouTube
Google’s Meet teleconferencing service now adding about 3 million users per day
Alphabet ends in the first quarter after the new coronavirus, but the worst is yet to come
Google is updating the Drive and Google Docs sharing window to make it less confusing
Google Stadia receives PUBG, with Star Wars, Madden and FIFA coming later this year
Google will have all of your advertisers verify their identities

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