Amazon’s new Echo Show 10 pans and zooms to follow you
Amazon Kids is the new FreeTime, includes new features
Amazon reportedly faces EU antitrust charges for using third party data
Jeff Bezos corrects angry customer email ‘all life matters’
Amazon warehouse workers sue over risk of COVID-19 infection
Apple and Amazon among companies adjusting operations amid protests
Amazon removed racist images that appeared on some headphones lists
Amazon will no longer support Echo Look, it encourages owners to recycle their
Amazon sellers are classifying products as ‘collectibles’ to circumvent price manipulation rules fell short for many in the US
Amazon reopens its French warehouses after labor dispute COVID-19
Nadler calls Amazon’s letter to the Judiciary Committee “unacceptable”
Amazon’s Echo Show 5 is to buy and receive one for free at Best Buy today
This brilliant data visualization explains Jeff Bezos’ staggering wealth one pixel at a time
Jeff Bezos is being called to testify before Congress about Amazon’s “misleading” statements
Amazon workers, Instacart and others are calling on patients to protest bad virus protections
Amazon says it will spend $ 4 billion or more dealing with COVID-19
Amazon says it is a victim of trump’s “personal vengeance” after landing on the list of fakes
Amazon’s power is getting more exposed during the pandemic
Amazon test video to verify third-party sellers
Amazon restricted the sale of non-essential items in France after losing a judicial appeal
Amazon warehouse workers walk out in rising tide of COVID-19 protests
Amazon is giving workers a letter to prove they are doing an ‘essential’ job
Amazon Prime Video is adding support for up to six profiles on the same account
Amazon will help Seattle residents receive at-home COVID-19 testing
YouTube is reducing its default video quality to standard definition for the next month
Marshall’s new Uxbridge speaker features AirPlay 2 and Alexa voice support
Alexa adds severe weather alerts and new features for commuters
Amazon wants to hire 100,000 new workers to meet coronavirus demand
Amazon is prioritizing stocking medical supplies and household staples at its warehouses
Amazon to start paying US warehouse workers double time for all overtime hours
US senators demand Amazon answer questions about warehouse worker safety
Amazon and Apple are reducing streaming quality to lessen broadband strain in Europe
Amazon to temporarily stop shipping non-essential products in Italy and France
‘We’re all going to get sick eventually’: Amazon workers are struggling to provide for a nation in quarantine

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