Cards Against Humanity Family Edition delivered kids in quarantine

Today, the Cards Against Humanity folks unveiled their next big set of games, and it’s for kids. While previous sets of Cards Against Humanity were commonplace, unsuitable for children and, at times, totally absurd, the most recent expansion is suitable for families. Or at least it will be VERY appropriate, by the standards of Cards Against Humanity staff.

This new set of cards is made for people over 8 years old. According to the game’s creators, this is a “brand new game written from scratch to be fun for kids and adults to play together”. They did it with tests – so many tests. They tested it with “thousands of families”, with “child development experts”, with real-life children and adults!

The cards in this set were created by Cards Against Humanity specialists, most of them adults – but some children too. They published “some cards written by real children”, including “elegant party hats” and several that involve excrement – good times for all the laughter!

You can buy the set of cards for $ 25 USD on the card website or you can download everything for free. If you happen to have a printer at home that has a LOT of ink and paper, you can print the entire set for free! That will only mean more money potential sent to printer manufacturer and ink scientist staff, and less to Cards Against Humanity – but whatever you want!

UPDATE: There is a “low ink version” and large and small editions of the cards available – cool!

If you go to Cards Against Humanity Family Edition, you will find the entire set available as a PDF file in a single download. There is a form there (near the end of the questions) where you can send cards authored by children – so go ahead!

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