Bella Thorne Slays In Sexy Little RedRiding Hood Halloween Costume & Jokes‘Grandma Doesn’t Approve’

Bella Thorne is known for drawing attention to attractive Halloween costumes over the years and her latest is no exception. Take a look at it and some other favorites here!

Bella Thorne, 23, has already shown off two sexy outfits, although Halloween is still six days away, and we are loving them! The most recent look of the beautiful actress includes her version of Little Red Riding Hood and features a sleek, flattering red minidress, with matching hood and hood and thigh-high pantyhose. In the Instagram photos she posted of the scorching fantasy, beauty is also holding a picnic basket while her hands are covered with red gloves and her wavy red curls are lowered.

“Lil red 👑 grandma doesn’t approve of my clothes,” she wrote in the caption for the photos. Bella’s makeup was also featured in her fairytale look with red lipstick and red eyeshadow.

Before her last Halloween photos, Bella shared a different set of photos on October 19, which showed her wearing a fairy costume along with her sister Dani Thorne, which can be seen below. The look was as impressive as the Little Red Riding Hood outfit and so sexy! It included a stunning beige corset that revealed her nipple piercings and wore a purple feather tutu. She also wore matching purple wings and long light blue gloves.

Bella is no stranger to impressing her Halloween costumes every year, so her most recent two are no exception! Last year, she showed two pictures of a disco look that she took perfectly a few days before the scary holiday. In the photos, which can be seen below, she wore a large curly pink wig and sparkling pink lipstick. She also had two large dark pink hearts drawn around her eyes and wore several silver necklaces.

We always love to see Bella’s creativity emerge during the scariest time of the year! Over and over, she has proven that she deserves to take the title of “Halloween Queen” whenever the holiday approaches and we look forward to seeing what else she has up her sleeve in the next few days!

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