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‘Arrogant’ Japan warned to stay out of Taiwan dispute or face ‘beating’ by China

JAPAN was warned to stay out of any future conflict between China and Taiwan or it would face a “beating” by a leading Chinese journalist.

Last Friday, US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga called for “peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait” in a statement after the White House meeting. It was the first time since 1969 that leaders of the two countries mentioned Taiwan in a joint statement. The statement came in response to growing speculation and fears that China may be contemplating a forced annexation of the democratic island state.

Suga later insisted that the White House announcement did not “presuppose military involvement” after returning to Japan.

In an article for the Chinese state tabloid Global Times, Hu Xijin called the Japanese prime minister’s clarification a “wise” move, but said there were still some radicals who wanted to “act presumptuously on the Taiwan issue”.

The newspaper’s editor-in-chief continued: “We must tell these arrogant Japanese radicals: if a war breaks out in the Taiwan Strait and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces implement military intervention to follow the US, then they will definitely become the target of the Army of Liberation of the Chinese People.

“The deeper they are involved, the stronger the blow will be, or even more strongly.

Source: Express “Stay away or else you are asking for a beating.” (Image: Getty)
Source: Express

“If your bases on Japanese soil work as avant-garde, those bases will also be hit.

“They should completely abandon the illusion of interfering with the Taiwan issue.”

He added: “When something goes wrong in the Taiwan Strait, stay away, or else you are asking for a beating.”

Source: Express

Beijing is increasingly concerned about strengthening ties between Tokyo and Washington under the Biden government.

Defense chiefs from both countries agreed in March to cooperate closely if China decides to attack and invade Taiwan.

Tokyo is also considering plans to allow its self-defense forces to protect US warships and military planes in the region in the event of a war between China and Taiwan.

Source: Express

Beijing has never recognized Taiwan as an independent country and insists that it is part of China.

Last Tuesday, China’s deputy foreign minister, Le Yucheng, fired the latest round of harsh warnings about Taiwan’s independence.

In an interview with The Associated Press, he reiterated that Beijing “will never allow Taiwan to be independent”.

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