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TikTokers has discovered a blow dryer that does your hair for you

“I’m not good with hair, but I have the beachy waves I love and silky straight hair in minutes.”

As someone who grew up in childhood with wildly curly hair, around every corner was the message that straight hair was better. Smooth, shiny and silky was the goal, so I spent hours trying to make my hair the kind of shine that seemed easy to other people with different combinations of hair care products and hot tools. Since then, I’ve hugged my curls, but if I had this viral TikTok tool that pretty much makes a blast for you, things might have turned out differently.

Beautimeter’s Hair Drying Brush (buy, $37, is a blow-drying brush that supposedly gives the same results as the legendary Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer (buy, $46, , but comes with an automatic rotation feature that greatly simplifies drying and styling. A video of the brush on TikTok generated 426,000 views and 75,100 likes, and Amazon shoppers echo that fascination.

“The swivel feature is something my old styling brush I replaced with this one didn’t have, and I love how silky my hair feels after I blow hot air through my hair,” wrote one client.

As innovative as the concept is (seriously, why did it take so long for automatic rotating brushes to become such a thing?), the Beautimeter’s specs are simple. Like other hot brushes, it comes with options for cool, low, and high airflow, but the game changer is the easily accessible knob on the top that lets you rotate it right or left. Voila, no more laboriously winding your hair in a brush and turning the tool off every 30 seconds to reposition it. As a bonus, it comes with two brush heads, one bigger and one smaller.

“I have thick, long, frizzy, curly hair that’s very difficult to dry with anything close to ‘smooth’ … that is, until I buy this thing,” says one reviewer, who used to spend 40 minutes straightening his hair after it. drying – a period reduced to minutes with the Beautimeter.

“This tool is amazing! I’m not an expert on hair/makeup stuff, but I have the beachy waves I love and silky straight hair in minutes,” writes another, and one more says that although they could never make a blast , the tool does all the work. Shoppers with coarse hair also say it saves them a lot of time getting ready in the morning. Intriguing information, especially for WFH-er is heading back to the office soon.

Beautimeter Hair Dryer Brush

Beautimeter's Hair Dryer Brus
Source: Shape

BUY IT, $37

But maybe no one likes the swivel feature that makes the Beautimeter 10 times better than other hot brushes on the market than people with weak hands and wrists due to ailments like arthritis. A person who has had a stroke and can no longer use their right hand also says it has made a big difference: It helps “tremendously” dry and comb their hair – and others with natural curly hair and movement problems agree with the finding.

For less than the cost of a typical breakup, there are no downsides to trying it yourself.


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