Apple Watch Series 6 will ship without an important accessory

The Apple Watch Series 6 was the main attraction of today’s revelation event and, although Apple spent a lot of time talking about the new features and hardware of the smartwatch, it also made a surprising revelation. In an effort to reduce e-waste, Apple says the Apple Watch Series 6 will be shipped without a very important accessory in the box: the AC adapter.

The news came shortly after the price of the Apple Watch Series 6 was announced today, and was part of a larger segment on Apple’s efforts to be more environmentally friendly. The company expects to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030, and in an Apple Newsroom post on the Apple Watch Series 6, we see a footnote that states that there are a number of recycled materials in the new smartwatch, including “rare earth elements 100% recycled on Taptic Engine, almost 100 percent recycled tungsten throughout the product and a 100 percent recycled box on aluminum models. “

This footnote continues: “Apple is also helping the environment by removing the AC adapter that could become junk e-mail from the Apple Watch Series 6 packaging and helping its Apple Watch manufacturing partners in the transition to renewable energy.”

It looks like Apple is counting on Apple Watch Series 6 buyers to already have a way to carry their watch by hand. In fact, it seems unlikely that anyone would buy the Apple Watch Series 6 as their first Apple Lightning-based device, although there is still no work around the fact that not sending a charger in the box is inconvenient.

Obviously, Apple sells chargers separately, so if you take an Apple Watch Series 6 and find that you need a charger to go with it, you can still get one. Again, however, this is not exactly ideal when we are used to our smart devices being shipped with a charger in the box. Assuming the missing charger isn’t an obstacle for you, you can buy an Apple Watch Series 6 later this week with a starting price of $ 399.

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