Apple Watch Series 6 revealed with new Blood Oxygen sensor

Today we’re taking a look at the Apple Watch Series 6, a device unveiled at Apple’s virtual event on September 15, 2020. This new Apple Watch works with a new set of features and aesthetics, including (for the first time) a (PRODUCT) Red edition. This version of the watch will benefit the (PRODUCT) Red group, as all RED products of this type have done in the past.

New sensor

This new device works with a new health sensor with infrared light to test the level of oxygen in the blood. This new sensor illuminates an infrared light that measures the color of your blood, showing the oxygen content in 15 seconds. From the point where you touch the button to test, to the point where you get a result – it will take 15 seconds.

According to Apple Sumbul Ahmad Desai, vice president of health, this feature will allow users to keep an eye on their fitness and well-being. Apple connected this feature and the Apple Watch Series 6 to a study involving COVID-19, working with the Seattle Flu Study in partnership with the UW School of Medicine.


Other new features

This newest Apple Watch has a set of new features that will take the device beyond its predecessors and other smart watches on the market today. This device works with a more powerful dual-core processor based on the bionic A13, while the device is essentially the same size (available in the same sizes) as the Apple Watch Series 5.

There is a new Solo Loop band with no lock or lock, available in a flat or braided form in silicone threads. UPDATE: The names of these new bands are Solo Loop, Braided Solo Loop and Leather Link. You can also combine the loops with the latest colors for this Apple Watch Series 6.

There is a new personalized watch face made by the artist, a new customizable colored stripe dial and a new Memoji dial. We will be drowning in new Apple Watch faces.

The Apple Watch will now be part of the Apple Family Setup. This system allows the iPhone to pair multiple clocks so that all can be monitored from a single device. With this system, you will be able to observe your child from afar and see where he is in the world – as long as you are using an Apple Watch phone model.

There is also a new “school schedule” mode for children, with DND, restricted interaction and a clock face that only appears in this mode. This special clock exists to let teachers know that the student is in this specific restricted mode.

UPDATE 2: This new Apple Watch Series 6 has a starting price of $ 399 USD for the “GPS” model. This is the non-cellular model. There will be versions of cellular connectivity as well, for standard and (PRODUCT) Red iterations.

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