Apple Watch SE revealed with lower price

The Apple Watch SE was unveiled by Apple today as a low-cost alternative to the main series wearable. This device works with the same appearance as the fully equipped Apple Watch. It has the same screen as the main Apple Watch Series 6 and works with standard Apple Watch straps – so what’s the downside?

The Apple Watch SE works with a processor similar to the one included in the Series 5. This means that the watch is not as powerful as the newest Apple Watch, but it is more than capable enough to handle almost everything the average user could want do. a device of this size.

This device is “waterproof” and made with a 100% recycled aluminum case. It is capable of working with the new Family Setup System of Series 6. This device works with the new Solo Loop, Braided Solo Loop and Leather Link bracelets. You will be able to receive and send messages (as long as you are connected with cell phone data) and you will have a compass on board and an altimeter always on.


Apple Watch SE’s Wi-Fi and cell phone models will be available this fall. This Apple Watch SE will be available at a price of $ 279 USD (with wifi). We can safely assume that the cell model will cost just one more BIT. For comparison, the new Apple Watch Series 6 will start at $ 399, while the Apple Watch Series 3 will continue to be sold at Apple Stores for $ 199.

One might wonder, at this point, why a user would choose to buy the most expensive Apple Watch model when a $ 200 Apple Watch is available with most of the same features. Apple’s continued sales of various versions of the Apple Watch suggest that there are certainly several levels of interest!

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