Apple TV PlayStation app now available ahead of PS5 launch

It’s a great week for games, especially for those on the console side of the fence. The Xbox Series X has just been released and the PlayStation 5 will soon be available to players, at least in some countries. When they do, however, new owners will be able to immediately gain access to the Apple video app, thanks to the promised Apple TV app that is now available on PlayStation Store. Better yet, those with a PS4 don’t even have to wait, as they can also download the app.

This is not exactly a big surprise, as Sony made the official announcement last month. That said, some could have expected release on the same day or even later on the PS5’s official availability. It may be just a few hours early, but it gives some PlayStation players an idea of ​​what awaits them.

Self-proclaimed aficionado on Apple TV, Sigmund Judge, who reported the availability of the app, makes a big fuss about the implications of this release. The PS4 alone sold hundreds of millions of units during its lifetime and the PS5 is designed to sell just under 10 million in the first six months alone. That pretty much means that Apple TV has just won over 100 million potential new users instantly.

The Apple TV app, which already provides access to a wide variety of content, is only part of the story. The app also provides access to Apple TV +, the company’s streaming platform for original content. That requires a $ 5 monthly fee, but having the Apple TV app widely available at least takes the friction out of getting started.

The PS4 and PS5 are not that special, however, as the Apple TV app was recently launched on Xbox consoles as well. Along with smart TVs from Samsung, Sony and LG, as well as a variety of dongles and set-top boxes, the Apple TV app is actually close to becoming universally available on almost all popular entertainment platforms and devices.

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