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Apple TV + Finch sci-fi film starring Tom Hanks

Apple TV + will soon be home to Amblin Entertainment’s Finch film starring Tom Hanks. The company beat out competitors in what was called a “very competitive” auction for the rights to the film, which was previously known as the title Bios. The film will revolve around a robotics engineer who is among the few survivors on Earth after a major solar event.

The news comes from Deadline, which reports that Apple plans to release the movie on its streaming service later this year and that it may take time in some cinemas to qualify for potential awards. Finch comes from Amblin Entertainment and, according to the original plan, was set for release by Universal.

Tom Hanks will star as a robotics engineer named Finch who, with a small percentage of the population, managed to survive a major solar event. The world is now a desert and Finch finds company in Goodyear, his dog. After a decade of living in an underground shelter, Finch created a robot that will take care of his dog when the engineer can no longer do so.

Viewers will see the trio set out on a journey west through the USA, with Finch showing his robot “the joy and wonder of what it means to be alive”. The film was written by Craig Luck and Ivor Powell, while Miguel Sapochnik served as a director.

This will be the second Tom Hanks film to be released on Apple TV +, the $ 4.99 / month service. Finch will follow Greyhound, a World War II action film starring Hanks as Captain Ernest Krause on a dangerous mission to deliver supplies and soldiers to the Allies. The film was a huge success for Apple.

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