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Apple M1 Mac owners complain about Bluetooth instability

With all the news floating around the M1 Mac minis and MacBooks, you would think that these products are perfect. Of course, nothing goes perfect the first time, even for Apple, and there are some problems that may have been buried under the ton of good news. There is, for example, the serious macOS restoration problem that has practically blocked some of these new Macs or lack of compatibility with some iOS and x86 software. Although the latter is likely to be fixed over time, a problem that deserves immediate attention is the case of randomly disconnecting Bluetooth peripherals that are causing a lot of headaches for the owners of these new Macs.

Complaints about Bluetooth connectivity problems appear to be varied and wide ranging, from random disconnections to completely inoperative Bluetooth connections. And in the event that some suspect third-party products as the cause, even Apple’s AirPods have been listed as one of the affected peripherals. Others include keyboards, mice and even headphones.

The problem affects both new MacBooks and Mac minis, but it is especially problematic for owners of the latter. Given the limited number of ports, some may have expected to have only Bluetooth keyboards and mice. It’s not a problem, unless you don’t have spare USB input devices out there.

Unfortunately, the exact cause of these problems remains a mystery. It is easy to worry about the causes of the hardware, which would mean sending the affected units back for repairs or replacements. That said, at least one user reported having the same problem, even after getting a replacement Mac mini.

Hopefully, this means that it is a macOS Big Sur or driver problem, something that can be fixed more easily by a software update. Given how Apple is heavily promoting Bluetooth-connected peripherals and accessories, however, you would think that extra care would be needed to ensure that they work properly with your new generation of Macs.

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