There is a new subscription service from Apple called Apple Fitness + which is centered on the Apple Watch. This service uses the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV sensors and display capabilities to provide a comprehensive health and fitness service. It will be available soon in the USA, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

The new Apple Fitness system works with the Apple Watch to monitor yoga, cycling, dancing and walking and running on a treadmill. It will track strength, core, HIT, paddle and “conscious cooling”. Apple Fitness + works with a beginner program and organizes workouts by duration and type – there will be 10 different types of training at the beginning of the program.

Users will find new workouts added to the Apple Fitness + system every week, and there will be “smart suggestions” in possible training routines for subscribers. This system is integrated with Apple Music and offers “metrics on the screen” via Apple TV.

If you plan to buy an Apple Watch, you will receive three “free” months of Apple Fitness +. Otherwise, Apple Fitness + will cost $ 9.99 a month from $ 79.99 a year. This price will also include the Family system.


It is not immediately clear whether this system will require users to have more than just an Apple Watch to provide the most basic version of the Apple Fitness + experience. Come back and we’ll update when we find out!

UPDATE: At launch, Apple suggests that customers will be able to find Fitness + on the “located in the new Fitness app” tab on the iPhone. Therefore, you will need at least an Apple Watch and an iPhone. There will also be a Fitness + app for iPad and Apple TV in the near future.

UPDATE 2: Fitness + is also included in the new Apple One Permier plan. This is another subscription service from Apple that gives access to various Apple services and 2TB of iCloud storage. This will cost $ 29.95 a month for Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and Apple News +.

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