Another Fortnite godmode invincibility exploit found: How it works

Fortnite players have found another exploit called ‘godmode’ that gives players a kind of unbeatenability. This is not the first time that we’ve seen a Godmode bug in the Battle Royale game and it probably won’t be the last time. The bug, according to the streamer that caught his attention, has been active in the game for at least three days, having managed to survive through a game patch and beyond.

A godmode exploit is, of course, a bug in the game that makes the player invincible. The last time this bug was discovered, it allowed players to win games without suffering any kind of damage from the players or the storm; this latest bug appears to be similar, although as before, using the exploit to obtain Victory Royales may result in your account being suspended.

The new exploit comes from YouTuber Glitch King, which quickly takes players through the steps to trigger the bug in the video above. The entire process can be completed quickly as soon as you know what you are doing, but, as mentioned, using it to your advantage – especially at the Arena – can put your account at risk.

According to Glitch King, the best place to make this change is the Risky Reels drive-in cinema. You will need to land in front of the screen near the hay bale, drive a car next to the pile of straw, and then hit it with your pick. After doing this, climb to the top of the screen and jump on the pile, shooting once just before reaching the hay.

If performed correctly, this should trigger a character failure. From there, just get in the car parked next to the hay bale and start driving. When you get out of the car, your character will be floating and will be invincible … but you will only be able to “walk” driving the car, so be sure to fill it with gasoline before exploring.

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