Anne Hathaway gives birth to a second child?

Anne Hathaway may have given birth, suggests new photos circulating online, where she and her husband spotted holding a newborn carrier.

The 37-year-old Princess Diary actor was spotted alongside her husband Adam Shulman with a newborn carrier while strolling across a street in Connecticut on Sunday.

This soon brought the rumors that congratulations are in order of the happy couple, as they may have welcomed their little joy into the world.

The news came after several weeks long absence from the public’s Les Miserables star.

Anne announced her pregnancy on Instagram in July 2019 with a heartfelt message for all mothers: “It’s not for a movie … # 2 … Everyone’s joking aside, for everyone who goes through openness and concept hell, please know it’s not is a straight line to either of my pregnancies. Sending you extra love. “

Anne and Adam, who tied the knot in 2012, must officially announce their newborn, who will be joining their eldest son Jonathan, born in 2016.

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