Android 11 released: How to install and what’s new

Today you will have Android 11 on your smartphone, as long as you have one of a selected list of devices from Google (Pixel), OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO or realme. This new version of Android includes integrated screen recording, “bubbles” and new media controls. This update includes easy access to all smart devices connected to your phone, Android Auto wireless and a collection of features that are exclusive to Google Pixel smartphones.

Android 11 feature update rundown

Android 11 includes a lot of updates to the way you interact with mobile software, but for those looking for a high-level peek, you’ll want to focus on privacy, control and communication.

Android 11 updates the way applications ask for permission to access phone features. Unique permissions allow you to grant an application a stack of permissions for a short period of time – permissions for features such as location, your camera and microphone. This update has an “automatic reset” for app permissions that you haven’t used in a long time.

Control on your Android device is expanded with wireless connectivity to Android Auto – on all supported devices. Android 11 expands media controls with a long press of the power button. This system adds controls for all types of smart devices “so that there is no need to open multiple applications”.

Communication expands with built-in screen recording, a feature that MUST have been included in all smartphones from the start. This update includes the ability to record sound from your microphone, sound that would otherwise be played through your speakers or both.

Android 11 also adds Bubbles, allowing you to “respond to important conversations without having to switch between what you’re doing and the messaging app”. This will be active as soon as your favorite messaging app integrates that feature via Google.

Conversations in messaging apps are moved to “a dedicated space” in the notification menu. Now you can also “prioritize conversations from important people”.

Phones that get Android 11 this week

Today we’re taking a look at the first batch of Android devices that will have the main download of Android 11 this week. This includes Google devices – Pixel smartphones, that is, as well as OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and realme. Devices that will receive Android 11 today or later this week include:

• Google Pixel 2
• Google Pixel 2 XL
• Google Pixel 3
• Google Pixel 3 XL
• Google Pixel 3A
• Google Pixel 4
• Google Pixel 4 XL
• Google Pixel 4A
• OnePlus 8
• OnePlus 8 Pro (NA, EU, India)
• Xiaomi Mi 10
• Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
• OPPO Find X2
• OPPO Find X2 Pro
• Realme X50 Pro

How to check

Open Settings, scroll down to one of the various buttons. If you have a Google Pixel smartphone, scroll down and tap System – Advanced – System update. On a Xiaomi phone, go to Settings – About phone – System update. On an OPPO phone, open Settings and find Software Updates. On a Realme device, you may need to access the Realme software page – but do it carefully!

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