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Amnesia: Rebirth receives Adventure Mode, removes all things scary from the game

I really liked Amnesia: Rebirth when it was released at the end of last year. It was well written, with some elaborate puzzles and a character that I immediately wanted to see surviving the terrible experience I was going through. However, for many, Rebirth’s kindness is mired in that uncomfortable genre known as “horror”; some people do not want to be uncomfortable and nervous when enjoying a story that is fair, surviving a single day in 2021 is already scary. Fortunately, the developer of Frictional Games has launched an “Adventure Mode” for Rebirth that should help a lot of people who are easily scared to experience what is a genuinely exciting story.


Just as Frictional Games launched a “Safe Mode” for its previous horror title SOMA, Adventure Mode removes many of the elements that players may find distressing. All the scenarios in which a monster is trying to take its face are gone, as well as the excessively dark locations (which probably isn’t bad for everyone, Amnesia uses excessive darkness as a crutch). The distressing sound and visual effects will also be removed so that you can fight this version of the game like a terror. I suppose “Adventure Mode” should tell you everything you need to know. There are even some bonus puzzles that were not available in the original game!


“Playing the game in Adventure Mode still contains the same serious themes and story – and the atmosphere can still be quite unnerving at times – but the experience will be much less of a horror experience and more of an epic adventure,” says the Steam page. As stated above, I really liked Amnesia: Rebirth. I wrote in my review: “Despite some boring locations and an excessive reliance on darkness just because of it, Amnesia: Rebirth is an excellent horror game with some fun puzzles, well-written characters and genuinely terrifying moments.”

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