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Amazon’s Prime Video Channels may soon lose HBO option

Amazon offers its subscribers access to ‘Prime Video Channels’, which is a direct way for Amazon users to subscribe to certain third-party video streaming services, such as HBO, Starz and more. While Prime Video Channels isn’t going anywhere, a new report suggests that WarnerMedia may remove HBO from the list to bolster its competing HBO Max streaming service.

WarnerMedia and Amazon have not confirmed the leak, which comes from CNBC citing anonymous sources. According to these sources, Amazon has agreed to remove HBO from Prime Video Channels, at least from the Amazon Fire TV interface. The change will happen when the company’s business ends next year.

When a user subscribes to the service through the Amazon channel offering, the content of that third-party service appears in the main video user interface. This was supposed to be a major problem for WarnerMedia and may have been the reason why negotiations to bring HBO Max to Amazon platforms took so long.

The sources say WarnerMedia wants HBO users to access the service through HBO Max, allowing the company to collect viewer data that could be used for targeted ads. This ad-supported HBO Max option is expected to launch next year.

The report indicates that Amazon has finally given in to the Prime Video Channels issue, paving the way for the recent arrival of HBO Max on the Fire TV platform. Whether consumers will worry about the loss is another question – many complained that the Amazon Prime interface is difficult to navigate and they may prefer to use the HBO Max app regardless of the main channels.

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