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Amazon Flex rewards program gives drivers points for special perks

Amazon introduced a new rewards program for its Flex drivers, giving those who deliver more packages the ability to claim demand shifts and more. The program has only just begun to be implemented, the company confirmed, explaining that drivers earn points and these points contribute to the advantages. While the various benefits are undoubtedly welcome by drivers, the ability to request changes more easily can be a relief to drivers who tend to participate in Flex.

Amazon Flex is ‘gigantic economy’ work that mandates drivers to take shifts and deliver them to customers in their own vehicles. Many drivers report switching between Flex and other gig economy jobs, such as Instacart and Uber, and one reason includes struggles to claim preferred shifts.

The new rewards program addresses this by offering drivers points for delivering packages, paying attention to things like the frequency with which deliveries are on time and their position in the app. The more points you earn, the higher your level, according to CNBC, which obtained confirmation of the program on Amazon.

In addition to the extra benefit when it comes to booking preferred shifts, the rewards program also offers drivers the Amazon Flex debit card with up to 6 percent refund on fuel and 2 percent on orders from Whole Foods and, among other things . The fuel benefits are likely to be the most interesting for drivers who need to pay for fuel.

Amazon is not the first company to offer benefits to workers in the giant economy by dedicating to the platform. Lyft, for example, has a rewards program for its drivers that includes some exclusive features, such as the possibility to see the details of the trip before accepting a ride, as well as some discounts related to driving and much more.

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