Although we live in a predominantly digital age, there always comes a time when we end up having to print something. It’s not always a smooth, uneventful experience, especially when you find out just then and there that you don’t have enough ink to start. It would be great if you could just command your printer to do this for you. If you have an Amazon Echo, now you can, well, more or less.

No, you won’t be able to tell the printer to spit out the spreadsheet you were working on until late at night. You cannot even select where a printer will get the data from where it will print. So, what can you print using Alexa’s voice commands?

Amazon mainly wants you to print your to-do list or shopping list, both already protected by Alexa, without having to worry about surfing the web to get this data. You can also print out some kids’ crossword puzzles or a semi-random recipe for a specific ingredient. And yes, you can also print a test page.

The process of connecting Alexa to your printer should be painless, as long as the Echo device and the printer are on the same network. Printing with Alexa supports a wide variety of Brother, Canon, Epson and HP printer models, as long as they are able to connect to a LAN or Wi-Fi on their own.

The integration with Alexa, however, goes beyond the simple printing of shopping lists. Some users may actually find it more useful when Amazon’s intelligent assistant warns them that they are running out of ink. Better yet, they can allow Alexa to order replacements automatically, with a 10% discount, before they’re even gone.

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