Alienware teases Aurora desktops with RTX 30-series GPUs, gaming monitors and laptops

Following today’s announcement of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs, Alienware announced a range of new computer hardware, from game monitors to gaming laptops and pre-built PCs using the new NVIDIA cards. Today’s announcement goes only partially – instead of making full disclosures, Alienware shared just a few details about each product, promising more information later this month.

Alienware is launching three new gaming monitors in all: the Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor, 27 Gaming Monitor and 38 Gaming Monitor. As uninspired as these product names may be, these monitors seem to have the chops for a competitive game. Alienware says the 25 Gaming Monitor will have a 360 Hz refresh rate, which could very well limit the resolution to 1080p (although, in this case, Alienware did not specify the maximum supported resolution).

The 27 Gaming Monitor lowers the maximum refresh rate to 240 Hz, although this monitor also offers QHD resolution, NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate and DisplayHDR 600. The 38 Gaming Monitor is unquestionably the star of Alienware’s revelations today, as it is a curve of 37.5-inch gaming monitor with WQHD + resolution output and once again G-Sync Ultimate certified with support for DisplayHDR 600. Unlike the other monitors unveiled today, Alienware hasn’t touched the 38 Gaming Monitor’s refresh rate.

Joining this trio of gaming monitors is a pair of gaming notebooks. The upgraded Alienware Area-51m R2 appears to be the flagship model, as it is equipped with 10th generation Intel Core i9 CPUs, a 360-inch 17-inch FHD screen and what we assume to be RTX 20 series GPUs. The Alienware m17 R3 , on the other hand, features a similar 360 Hz FHD panel, along with 10th generation Intel Core H and HK series CPUs. There is no information on the GPU for the m17 R3, although Alienware says that both it and the Area-51m R2 use their own Cryotech cooling and steam chamber technology.

Finally, we may very well be the biggest announcement of the day for Alienware: a new line of Aurora Gaming Desktops. All we know about these desktops is that they will be equipped with a “range of configurations” that includes the newly revealed GeForce RTX 3080 and 3090. In other words, don’t expect the high end configurations of this desktop to be cheap in any sense.

That’s all we are getting with Alienware today, but with the promise of more information to come, we will keep an eye on those details. We’ll let you know when Alienware announces prices, full specs and release dates for these products, but for now, you can check out pictures of all of them in the gallery above.

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