A brand new hero we might see in ‘Avengers 5’ was once set to debut in ‘Infinity War’

Avengers: Endgame may not be a true movie by some old people, but it is definitely one of the most exciting films ever made. It’s been ten years for Marvel to put it together, accomplishing something that’s never been done before. About 20 films have been linked to create Infinity War and Endgame, before Spider-Man: Far From Home concluded the Infinity Saga. And Marvel is not stopping anytime soon, already announcing its plans for stage 4.

Those plans do not currently include a new team, but Avengers 5 is coming, possibly as soon as the next MCU phase. What Endgame has proven is that fans are hungry for the stories these films deliver, and Marvel just can’t afford to stop doing more Avenging sequels. When the next Avenger comes around, we will have many new fellows to replace the fallen and retired, including a superhero everyone has been waiting to see. But this specific hero almost made his debut before the last Phase ended.

Fans of the comics and those of you who have been following all the Marvel rumors closely, especially after that awful but brilliant Infinity War cliffhanger, probably have an idea of ​​who that superhero is. A new one that is already famous for being part of Marvel’s future for MCU. We’ve already seen some reports saying that Marvel is figuring out how to introduce Nova. The latest came just a few weeks ago from Jeremy Conrad of MCU Cosmic:

According to highly reliable sources, Nova appears to be one of the big characters scheduled for a Phase 5 debut alongside Blade, The Fantastic Four and the Mutants. And, depending on the look of things, and how it has been developing for a while, it could be relatively early in Phase 5 as well.

This brings us to a new ComicBook interview with Infinity War and Endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who confirmed that Nova was actually screened for Infinity War and Endgame. Nova’s arrival on Earth, with news of an immediate cosmic threat after the destruction of Xandar, “would be wonderful,” Marcus said:

We actually had, I remember in the big manifesto we made, where was the first work we did on these films, where we just … every possible plot you could take from the surroundings that Nova has the Xandarian World. Yes, the Xandarian world, it was after … it almost went away … In this concept, he would be the herald, not unlike Hulk, who actually stood for Silver Silver, but that one member of the New Corps survived Thanos. ‘attack. The Xandarian World Mind would be Glenn Close’s voice because you had her, and why not? And that he would be Richard Rider, and he would come to earth. “

However, the problem with adding Nova to the mix is ​​that you introduce “an entirely new role when we try to say goodbye to everyone we know,” McFeely explained.

Prior to the last two Avenging movies, Marvel was considering adding Nova to Guardians of the Galaxy, which would also be a fantastic treat for fans. But while Nova was in the earliest projects of James Gunn’s film, he was finally scrapped, Kevin Feige revealed last year. If anything, all this seems to prove that Marvel is still returning to Richard Rider, so his MCU debuts at this point seem almost a given.

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