8 Pilates Benefits That Will Make You Want to Sign Up for a Class

It’s Ah-Mazing for Your Abs

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A stronger core equals a better lap, says Tracy Zindell, founder and master instructor of Flex Pilates Chicago. That’s why those with chronic low back pain who practiced Pilates for just four weeks experienced more relief than those who visited a doctor and other specialists, says a study from the Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy. Also, his pain was gone for a whole year after Pilates. Researchers believe that by stabilizing the lumbar-pelvic region (lumbar region) of the nucleus, Pilates relieves stress in the area and increases mobility.

It Can Ease Back Pain

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Pilates benefits your core (or, in Pilates, your “power”), unlike any other workout. In fact, after completing 36 weeks of Pilates training, women strengthened their abdominal rectum (the muscle responsible for tanks) by an average of 21 percent while eliminating muscle imbalances between the right and left sides of their nuclei, according to one study. medicine. & Science in the study of sports and exercises.

It’s Easy on Your Joints

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Pilates benefits the joints thanks to slow, controlled movements, which creates minimal impact training. Bonus if you are using Pilates reformer: “Filling a Pilates reformer is as thick as 10 yoga mats,” says Zindell. “It takes the pressure off your back and knees.”

It Hones Your Focus

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Training is a two stroke when it comes to improving your health. In addition to its physiological effects, Pilates benefits your mental health by encouraging you to focus on 1) your breathing, 2) your body and 3) how they move together. It takes a lot of concentration, says Zindell. “You can’t leave the zone.” This means that you are forced to forget about work, bills, legal documents and other dramas for an entire hour. Ahh

It Enhances Your Sex Life

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When Pilates instructors say “raise your pelvic floor,” what they are really saying is “do Kegels,” according to Zindell. Movements like these strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which increases your pleasure in the bedroom: an unexpected but welcome benefit of Pilates. “You have much better orgasms with Pilates. It’s amazing for sex,” she says. If you are trying to get pregnant with all this sex out of this world, strong pelvic floor muscles can make it easier for your baby to give birth. “I received a lot of text messages from my students while they were still in the delivery room saying ‘the baby came out of my vagina,'” she says.

f It Improves Your Sports Performance

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“As you begin to focus on your core, you realize that all of your muscles are connected through your core. Try exercising without your abs. You’ll fall apart,” says Zindel, who has trained everyday athletes and professionals, including Chicago. Bulls player Joakim Noah. “With a stronger core, you can run faster, your yoga is on point, and overall the rest of your workouts improve,” she says. In addition, working in small groups or individually with a Pilates instructor, you can learn movements that mimic and enhance performance in your favorite sport.

It Makes You More Flexible

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“I always hear people saying, ‘I was never flexible, I can’t do Pilates.’ But that’s why they should do it, “says Zindell. In a Brazilian study, when young women (with no previous Pilates experience) had 20 Pilates sessions, they became 19.1% more flexible. When you are tense, it reduces muscles and limits the range of motion in the body, she says. At best, this can hinder your exercise performance. At worst, it can cause injury.

It Boosts Your Brain Power

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Joseph Pilates called his training method “thinking man exercise.” It could very well be. When Chinese researchers measured changes in women’s brain activity after 10 weeks of Pilates training, they found an increase in peak brain alpha power, related to neural network activity, memory performance, and other cognitive functions. Researchers believe that Pilates may even have potential as a treatment option for people with degenerative brain disease and cognitive dysfunction.

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