Do your students have blogs? Or maybe they contribute to a class blog?

Enthusiasm is usually high when blogs are first created, but students may need assistance to keep up.

Sometimes the hardest part is knowing what to write about. Or sometimes students need guidance in exploring new ideas and genres.

We’re here to help!

Throughout the year, we included blogging notices for teachers and students in our email newsletter.

We have gathered these instructions in a student resource. With 50 new blogging ideas to explore, “blogger blocking” must be a thing of the past!

Wait! We’re not blogging yet!
If you want a blogging program to take place in your classroom, the easiest option is to work on one of our free, self-paced courses.

The 33 Prompts for Students

  1. Interview someone from the school community such as your principal, cleaner, librarian or teacher.
  2. Create a word cloud using one of these online tools or iPad apps. Add your word cloud to your blog. You can even invite readers to guess the topic.
  3. Try a craft activity and blog about it. There is a lot of inspiration online! Education.com has a comprehensive collection of ideas.
  4. Watch a book being read on Storyline Online and prepare a review (you can embed the story in a post).
  5. Write a post as a historical figure or as a character in a book or movie.
  6. Try interactive ReadWriteThink poetry and post a poem on your blog.
  7. Write about your model or someone you admire. What makes them special?
  8. Try a TeachStarter visual recording prompt (you can save the image and put it in your post).
  9. Share a recipe you like to eat or make. Spice up your post with a photo of the final result!
  10. Create your own original music in Chrome Music Lab. Click “Save” for the link or embed code to post your music to a post.
  11. Take some pictures of objects from interesting angles and ask your readers to guess what they are.
  12. List some random acts of kindness that you would like other students to try. You can get some ideas from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.
  13. Are there certain lyrics that stayed with you? Write about it as the students in Mr. Hope’s class.
  14. Write the beginning of a short story and invite your readers to end it in a comment.
  15. Make a list of the top 10. These could be your favorite songs, songs, sportsmen etc. Or they may be related to the school, such as its “top 10 moments of the school year so far” or its “top 10 lunchtime activities.”
  16. Create a story based on emoji warnings. Visit byrdseed.com/emoji to generate your requests.
  17. Make a jigsaw puzzle with one of your photos on Jigsaw Planet and incorporate it into a blog post.
  18. Create a mysterious word game like the students of St Charles Borromeo School. Invite readers to record your words in a comment.
  19. Write a review for an online game. Be sure to include the link so others can try it.
  20. Create a recommended reading list for others. Check out this list at The Electronic Pencil for inspiration.
  21. Take a quiz for your readers. They can respond in a comment or you can use Google Forms. The quiz can be about anything – Disney movies, chemistry, capitals, football … you choose!
  22. Read an article in DOGO News and write a summary with your own thoughts. Tip: There is even a DOGO News plugin!
  23. Embed or link to an interesting TED-Ed Talk and write your own summary and reflections.
  24. Ask a friend or family member if they would like to write a guest post on their blog.
  25. John Spencer has created an excellent collection of video recording warnings. Use one of these as inspiration for your writing.
  26. There is a popular site called Solvemoji.com, where emojis are used in math puzzles. Make your own puzzles for your readers!
  27. Create an A-Z of yourself or one of your interests (for example, a basketball or gardening A-Z).
  28. Add a Photos For Class image to a post and write about it. Create a poem, story, information report or any other writing style!
  29. Create a six word story. Melissa Pilakowski has a few examples on her teacher blog if you are looking for inspiration.
  30. Describe what your perfect classroom would look like. Use your imagination; It can be indoors, outdoors, at a school or elsewhere!
  31. Write a post with your favorite jokes. You can even make a series of posts with different categories – animal jokes, animals, etc.
  32. Create some Do you prefer ..? Questions for your audience, such as: would you rather live 100 years in the past or the future? or Do you prefer to fly or swim underwater without breathing? Share your own thoughts too!
  33. Write about animals. You can talk about your favorite pet or wild animal. Or maybe you can write about what animals mean to you or how we can take care of animals.

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