Almond nails are one of the most popular nail shapes. This is because the low skull finish is super flattering and gives each finger shape a feminine, sexy, and glamorous look. Almond nails are also more practical than sharper mountain tops and dramatic coffins, while making your nail beds look thinner. Even better, they are the perfect canvas for a wide variety of nail colors, patterns and designs. So if you are aiming to shake your manicure, look no further!

1. Nature Inspired Almond Nails

Get your inspiration from the world around you with a nature-themed manicure. If your house is full of leafy plants, why not paint your nails to match? Almond shaped nails give you plenty of room to work, so you can be more detailed and creative. A styling take on this trend is a white manicure with leaf feature nails. Even better for spring and summer, the pale tones in this design look amazing when you have a tan.

Nature Inspired Almond Nails

2. Press on Transparent Almond Nails

Gazebo has filled many of the flaming stickers of our childhood! Those who want to try the almond shape without compromising on acrylics should try the print version. It is also a great way to test different trends, such as transparent design, before getting your talents done. Finally, pressing nails is a quick and easy fix if you break one of your acrylics and can’t get an appointment in the salon!

Press On Transparent Almond Nails Copy

3.Marable Almond Nails

Marble has been one of the top nail trends for 2019, and it’s easy to see why. It gives your fingers a chic, understated, artistic look – and it appears in photos. You can try marble design as a main nail on one or two fingers, as the pattern works well in many different colors. If you’re feeling brave, go for a full marble manicure!

Marble Almond Nails

4. Almond Nails with Writing

Because the almond nail shape is long enough, you can set words and messages on them – not just letters or initials. At best, you can customize this trend to your style; different fonts and colors will completely change the finish. Some people choose a street style manicure full of attitudes. Meanwhile, others are looking for a gentle and beautiful message for a special occasion – such as their wedding day or engagement party. The choice is yours.

With Writing Almond Nails

5. Feature Almond Nails

Fairy nails are a versatile manicure style. For a simple look paint one nail with a contrasting color to the rest of your fingers. However, those who want a more modern and sophisticated finish could use their feature nail art as a mini-art canvas. Have your manicurist create complex and eye-catching designs on your features, and leave the rest in a neutral shade.

Feature Almond Nails

6. Holographic Almond Nails

Who doesn’t love holographic nail polish? The paint changes and shines, constantly changing as you move your hands. And with a holographic top coat, you can turn almost any regular polish into a prominent manicure. Almond nails are a great way to show off a “holo” finish as they offer a larger canvas to lighten.

Holographic Almond Nails

7. Cute Almond Nails

While almond nails are usually thought of as a more glamorous nail shape, they also look fantastic with beautiful designs. From pop art patterns to animals and plants, you can find sweet manicure inspirations everywhere. One in-store option is a suction-inspired look. It incorporates the beautiful green hue of the plant as well as the cactus bites.

Cute Almond Nails

8. Naked and Red Almond Nails

The nude and red nails draw three current trends: French tips, color blocking, and inverted semifinals. You will need almond nails to adjust the look as it requires a gently pointed, rounded shape. Use a half-light stencil to hold the bottom third of your nail naked, and paint the rest with a pale nude shade. Then create a red French tip. The result is an unusual and complex manicure that will get you many compliments.

Nude And Red Almond Nails

9. Shiny Almond Nails

Shine never the slightest, especially when you want a fun manicure perfect for a holiday season. Whether you prefer a subtle brighter gradient or a brighter look, almond nails are a great way to show off your shine. Keep in mind that most manicurists will encapsulate the shine when applying your acrylics, so you’ll have to compromise until you finish your nails.

Glitter Almond Nails

10. Multi-colored Almond Nails

Can’t decide on an umbrella? Then a multi-colored manicure is for you. Keep the color palette from choosing shades in the same family – like pastels. You could also try grading or spectrum effect. One popular version of this design is pastel shades or mimics the colors at sunset.

Multi Color Almond Nails

11. Halloween Design Nails

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to celebrate with spooky nail art! Decorate your almond nails with fun motifs like cats, witches, skeletons and jack lanterns. Another option is the “dripping blood” effect. The hoarse look can be easily created with deep red polish, and it will have your friends screaming with envy.

Halloween Design Nails

12. Geometric Almond Nails

Geometric design is one of the best ways to display extra-long almond nails. You will have enough space to use contrasting shapes, colors and angles, attracting your manicure. Be sure to use two very contrasting colors – like black and nude – to make the sharp patterns.

Geometric Almond Nails

13. Nails of Black Almond

The Little Black Dress is a wardrobe, and the little black manicure is just as classic when it comes to almond nails. This is because black polish draws the eye along the fingers and emphasizes the pointed shape. It is also a valuable option. When combined with delicate jewelry, the effect is chic and glamorous. However, it can also be rough and combine with a combination of streetwear or a more rocky fashionable look.

Black Almond Nails

14. Modern French Manicure Almond Nails

A classic French manicure involves a bare base with a white fringe. To give it a modern twist, try the same combination on almond nails with a more subtle shift from bare to white. The lighter tips will attract attention to the sexy and complex shape of your nails, while the lightweight blue base makes them look even longer.

Modern French Manicure Almond Nails

15. Pastel almond nails

If you love a sweet manicure or are just dreaming of summer, pastel almond nails are a perfect choice. Subtle demi-matte finishes will make your fingers look sweet, while ultra-bright gloss gives them a more elegant feel. You can also shake it with pastel patterns, or look for a contrasting pastel feature. These soft and beautiful shades look fantastic on all skin tones, but are especially striking against deep skin.

Pastel Almond Nails

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