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Zoom just added lip and hair color effects: Here’s where to find them

Zoom has just added a feature to the video chat called Studio Effects. This feature allows users to add oddities to the face in augmented reality in strange colors and color combinations. With this feature, users can add a mustache and beard in human hair color, new lip color and more.

Zoom studio effects are coming. With apps like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger boasting their own augmented reality effects for videos and photos for months or years, Zoom is surprisingly late. Zoom has now added the most basic basics.

If you are trying to find the Studio Effects system in Zoom, you may need to update your application. This system is only available in the latest edition of the application, and MUST be available to everyone who can already use Zoom this minute.

If you have the latest version of Zoom, just open a video chat and access Studio Effects next to the area you want to access to access the backgrounds. This system is in BETA mode, which means it can easily fail! We recommend that you DO NOT use this feature when you are in a meeting with an important customer or someone adverse to fun and / or entertainment.

UPDATE: More users can now access the feature than they did that morning. If you’ve tried to find the feature and didn’t succeed earlier in the day, try again! It seems to be rolling towards the masses with speed!

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