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Your next iPad may have just leaked

The year 2021 is unlikely to deliver a new set of iPad hardware designs from … many perspectives. This is in line with the latest set of leaks for devices, from the new iPad Mini to the largest of the iPad Pro’s large units. What we’re seeing today is a set of three units, an iPad Mini and two iPad Pro units , all looking like they will have the basic size and shape of your actual Apple final design releases.

The images we see today come from Sonny Dickson, a notorious leak of designs and information about future Apple devices. Your tweet on the subject shows the fronts and backs of the units. The smallest of the three is what appears to be the newest iPad Mini. This smaller unit looks a lot like its predecessor, complete with a centralized front camera, Touch ID fingerprint scanner and home button on the bottom center and semi-rounded edges on all sides.

It looks like the iPad Mini will keep the most basic camera settings on the front and back, as well as a headset on the top. There will also be an on / off button at the top, in front of the headphone jack. The bottom of the device appears to have a single power / data port and probably speaker grilles.

The next biggest device in the line is probably one of the two new iPad Pro units. This unit has three pogo-pin points on its back, centered under the iPad logo. The larger of the two fictitious units does not make room for said pogo stick.

Although both devices are likely to have the same camera configuration, the two largest iPad devices here have slightly different lens arrangements. It’s almost as if the smaller iPad Pro doll had a larger square, with more space between the two cameras on the left (the main units) and the third – LiDAR. The rest of the elements appear to be aligned, in any case.

It seems like a safe bet that the newest set of iPad Pro models for the year 2021 will continue to work with the same industrial design as its predecessors, with flat edges, minimal bezels around its monitors and front cameras in its center. main.

If what we reported earlier remains true, it looks like an event in early April held by Apple will reveal these new devices. The first part of this forecast has been canceled – “late March or early April” – but the likely launch date for mid-April 2021 remains. Cross your fingers, let’s get everything we suspect and more!

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