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You can punch a hole in Apple’s AirTag, but you probably shouldn’t

As you probably have heard, Apple has its own little tracking device called AirTag, and while its design is elegant, it also lacks an important feature: a hole to easily attach it to items. Apple has accessories that you can buy to attach the tracker to various objects, but iFixit presented a different method – coarse and reckless.

IFixit, as it does, opened AirTag to see what makes it work. The circle-shaped tracker is simple in nature, smaller than its competitors from Samsung’s Tile and SmartTag +, and comes with a user-replaceable coin-type battery.

The disadvantage of this small format is the lack of a keyhole, which you will have to pay extra to overcome by buying one of the complementary accessories. The accessories are visually appealing, but not particularly cheap – the leather keychain, for example, costs $ 35, while the Belkin keychain costs $ 12.95.

Source: Slashgear

In light of that, you may be tempted to replicate iFixit’s fun (and successful) attempt to punch a hole right in the AirTag. This DIY hack, as the team calls it, involved a 1/16 inch drill and a very careful placement that managed to avoid the sensitive entrails of the crawler.

The team notes that if you decide to try this yourself, you should remove the battery first for obvious safety reasons – and, of course, remember that you can accidentally puncture one of the internal components and ruin the tracker in the process.

Remember that piercing the AirTag will definitely void any warranty you may have and, well, make the stylish accessory look ugly.

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