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Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra with custom chip and new battery technology

Xiaomi has already launched the Mi 11 last month, but, in the typical Xiaomi style, the launch of new phones with that name is not over yet. The Mi 11 Ultra, which is due to be announced on Monday, may well be your biggest bet this semester and not just because of its specifications. According to sources, the ultra-high-end phone will have some news in the smartphone market, including Xiaomi’s first internal processor.

No, Xiaomi is not suddenly taking over Qualcomm, Samsung and Apple in the CPU market. Instead, MyFixGuide sources claim that Xiaomi’s custom chip will be an image signal processor or ISP. This is the chip that handles almost everything related to cameras, a key point among smartphones today.

It is definitely intriguing that Xiaomi has stood out on its own in this area, especially as it has not announced any major partnerships with an expert in this market. Qualcomm’s Snapdragons, of course, carry their own ISPs under the marketing name Spectra and this is what drives the image processing muscle of many smartphones today. It will be interesting to hear what Xiaomi will bring to the table and how it will integrate with the Mi 11 Ultra processor.

Another major highlight, according to sources, will be the battery of the Mi 11 Ultra, which will be the first in the smartphone market to use silicon-oxygen anode. This type of battery is supposedly used in “new energy vehicles”, probably referring to EVs, and promises to make batteries thinner while making them safer.

These rumors definitely make the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra an interesting smartphone, but they also make it look a little more experimental in technology and design. A previous leak suggested that not only will it have the biggest camera jump in the smartphone’s history, but also enough space for a tiny screen on its back.

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