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Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is the new king of DxOMark

Xiaomi had a pretty big day, announcing a handful of new devices, not all smartphones. The Mi 11 Ultra, of course, is the highlight of your night and is not really surprising, given all the specifications and features it carries within its not surprisingly expensive package. As expected, the camera system, which is housed in what may be the biggest bulge we’ve ever seen on a phone, is one of the main pillars of the Mi 11 Ultra and may have been worth it if the initial assessment of DxOMark is worth it in.

Almost everything about the cameras on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, at least the ones on the back, are great. It features the 1 / 1.12 inch Samsung GN2. As the main camera, one of the largest on the smartphone market, and two Sony IMX586 48MP sensors, one for 5x periscope-style optical zoom and the other for ultra 128 degrees – wide-angle camera. And thanks to the 1.1-inch touch screen next to the cameras, they’re also great for taking selfies.

DxOMark has not yet published its full review, but has already revealed the scores of the Mi 11 Ultra. Just by looking at the numbers, you can already tell that it gets the highest marks in most key aspects of the benchmark, such as Exposure, Color and Autofocus. Interestingly, the phone does not score as high when it comes to Night and Bokeh tests, but it is not far from the main candidate.

This leading competitor, of course, has traditionally been the latest smartphone from Huawei. But with an overall score of 143, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra leaves the Huawei Mate 40 Pro + eating its dust. On the other hand, unlike most Xiaomi phones, this one also has the price tag of an expensive and sophisticated flagship.

Of course, not everyone subscribes to DxOMark’s test methods and results and some will look forward to further analysis. Needless to say, if the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is close to what the DxOMark saw, Huawei definitely has reason to be concerned.

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