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Xiaomi Mi 11 durability impresses YouTuber

Xiaomi has just launched its flagship from early 2021 in and, unsurprisingly, checks most cases in terms of specifications. The most striking detail, however, is its price, which is lower than its premium peers, depending on the market and currency conversions, of course. These details do not matter, however, if the phone breaks and burns at the slightest accident. JerryRigEverything places the Xiaomi Mi 11 to find out if this is the case and it is not difficult to see why he left satisfied.

The scratch test has become almost as boring as the burn test, since most smartphones use the same materials today. That said, one aspect of the test has become even more important now that fingerprint readers are found below the display. Given how Zack Nelson’s often-destroyed thumb managed to unlock the phone most of the time, Mi 11 owners may have nothing to worry about if the screen gets a few scratches there.

The flexion test may have stopped YouTuber’s heart from beating. There was an unnerving and disturbing popping sound, but that was it. The phone flexed a little, but it remained whole and operational.

It is true that many other phones have survived these durability tests, but the Xiaomi Mi 11 stands out for two reasons. On the one hand, Nelson says he is one of the rare Chinese brands that actually survived the fold test, earning a spot on his Survivor Shelf.

The other reason is not exactly related to its durability. The phone can be as durable as, say, a Galaxy S21 Ultra or an iPhone 12, but for 749 EUR (about $ 870), the Xiaomi Mi 11 also costs a lot less, making you a professional in non-clothing professionals in Nelson’s book.

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