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Xiaomi made the AirPower-style charger that Apple couldn’t get – plus an 80W wireless cradle

Xiaomi claims to have reached where Apple failed, with a new multi-coil wireless fast charging pad capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously – just like the Apple AirPower should. Apple’s decision to turn off the AirPower charging mat was a rare public admission of fallibility by the Cupertino company, but that did not dampen users’ desire for a smart charger that doesn’t care where you place the phone.

It is something that Xiaomi claims to have discovered, unveiling the new charging mat alongside the Mi 11 Ultra, Mi Smart Projector 2 and other devices at an event today. The hardware itself looks relatively ordinary from the outside, a simple white rectangle with a power cable protruding from the rear edge.

Source: Slashgear

However, it is there that the magic happens. With a total of nineteen coils, all superimposed, the pad can apparently provide accurate Qi wireless charging for a device, without the need to be positioned exactly on top. That’s exactly what AirPower promised, too, although leaks from within the Apple project suggested that the company had problems with heat and power management that forced it to rethink.

Source: Slashgear

Xiaomi, by contrast, will be offering its multi-device pad for sale. It will be priced at 599 Chinese yuan (about $ 90) and will be able to charge up to three wireless devices at the same time. Each will be delivered in up to 20W, says Xiaomi.

Source: Slashgear

If you want more, the Chinese company also has an answer. The new Mi Wireless Fast Charging Stand is a colossal 80 W charger, designed to pump energy into a single device as quickly as possible. In fact, it’s faster than Xiaomi’s newer phones: the Mi 11 Ultra can support 67W of wireless charging at most.

The justification, says Xiaomi, is future-proof: the accessory should last for a few years before you need to think about upgrading it. It will handle devices in portrait and landscape orientation – with two internal coils to handle the change in position on the device – and a faster charging mode that can be optionally activated.

Source: Slashgear

Xiaomi will also include a 120 W power supply and will be priced at 499 yuan (about $ 73) when it goes on sale in China. No word on international availability at this time – unlike the Mi 11 Ultra, for which Xiaomi has confirmed the European price, at least – and sales will be limited in number, warns the company, with limited stock to sell.

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