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Xbox Series X|S controller can easily switch between console, phone, PC

The new consoles naturally brought new controllers, and while some of these had new features, they also managed to retain some of the old ones. They can, for example, still connect wirelessly to more than just the console they came with, boasting support for Windows PCs and even some mobile devices. The new Xbox Series X Controller | S is no different, but apparently has an undocumented feature that makes it easy to switch from streaming Xbox to Xbox Game Pass in a flash.

While the Xbox remains Microsoft’s main gaming platform, it has been trying to build bridges across its vast empire. Your last attempt was to provide a game streaming service that provides selected console titles for Android phones and, soon, Windows 10 PCs. You will still need some game controller for the latest devices, of course, but now you won’t need to go out and buy a separate one if you have an Xbox Series X | S.

The New Xbox Wireless Controller announces support for Xbox consoles, old and new, Android and Windows 10 PCs. It also has a sync button that is used to quickly pair with an Xbox console. What Microsoft never told anyone was that the same button to quickly switch between console and PC or phone.

According to Microsoft employee Timo Wolf, the undocumented feature allows you to press and hold the sync button on the controller to connect to the last phone or PC device it was connected to. Double tapping the same button will return you to the standard Xbox connection.

It is very interesting that Microsoft does not document this useful feature, but at least now the word has spread. It may seem almost esoteric, but it can definitely be useful when you want to quickly switch between gaming devices without having to spend more on another controller. On the other hand, having a spare can sometimes be less of a hassle, especially when the Xbox is family owned.

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