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Virtoo by LG brings Dell Mobile Connect to LG laptops

Microsoft introduced the Your Phone Windows app as a way to connect PCs and mobile devices, but the best features it offers are currently exclusive to Samsung phones. There are more phones on the market than Samsung’s, of course, leaving many other phone brands out of the party. LG apparently decided to solve the problem with their own hands and quietly released slightly similar software, although in reality it is practically a renamed Dell Mobile Connect.

Although Microsoft itself provides the Your Phone app as a standard part of Windows 10, it hasn’t stopped manufacturers from launching their own. For a few years, Dell provided its own “Dell Mobile Connect” application, which can mirror Android phones on the desktop or access some phone functions without having to pick up the phone. Dell Mobile Connect, which is no longer exclusive to Dell computers, also supports iPhones, but with more limited functionality.

As revealed by @ALumia, LG hired the services of Screenovate Technologies, developers of Dell Mobile Connect, to create Virtoo by LG. What Dell Mobile Connect can do, Virtoo can do too. The application description is very sparse, but the images show that it can make calls, send messages and mirror at least the screen of an LG Android phone.

The Windows 10 app page also doesn’t go into detail about supported models. It can only be assumed that Virtoo by LG for Windows is only compatible with LG PCs, such as the LG Gram. The iPhone app is a little more revealing, requiring at least iOS 11 or later. Unfortunately, its features are also less impressive, covering only messages and contacts.

At this point, though, you need to ask how much better Virtoo by LG is compared to your Microsoft phone. It offers only the basics, and unless Screenovate is able to add more features, deeper integration with Windows can still maintain the advantage.

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