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Ubisoft price hikes could risk next-gen gamer fury

Since the marketing campaigns for the PS5 and Xbox Series X went into action last year, there has been a lot of noise with the next generation price increases from several publishers. Sony itself has increased the price of its original games to $ 70, and that seems to be a change that many other major publishers are at least considering. 2K Games has indicated through NBA 2K21 that it will also raise prices, as will Activision.

Other editors seem undecided on the subject. When we last spoke to Ubisoft, she said only that her next-generation vacation releases would be priced at a regular $ 60, refusing to talk about the price of next-generation games released after that window. Here in mid-February, the holiday season is pretty much in the background, so what does Ubisoft have to say about a possible price increase now?

As reported by VGC, Ubisoft says almost the same thing. During an investor call following its third quarter earnings report, the company was asked whether it plans to raise gaming prices in the next fiscal year (which begins in early April 2021). The response indicated that Ubisoft has not yet decided on the initial price of the game.

“In terms of prices, we have been analyzing the competitive dynamics of the last quarter and we are still looking for new opportunities, but we have not yet made any decisions,” said Ubisoft CFO Frédérick Duguet. As VGC notes, pre-orders for Far Cry 6 currently cost $ 60 and will not be released until September 30, so Ubisoft may not choose to raise prices until the game is released.

We will see what Ubisoft finally decides to do, but it is walking on a very fine line here. Ubisoft is definitely a fan of putting microtransactions in its video games, and increasing the initial cost of its titles, in addition to packaging them with microtransactions, can be seen as a step too far for gamers. We’ll let you know when Ubisoft makes a decision, but for now, it looks like its games are costing $ 60.

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