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UAE: Wife cheats on husband, ordered by court to pay fine

The husband decided to keep an eye on her and tracked her down after she left home following an argument.

Ras Al Khaimah’s misdemeanor court ordered a wife, who cheated on her husband, and her boyfriend to pay a fine of Dh 5,000 each. The pair was later ordered by the RAK civil court to pay D30,000 to the husband in compensation for the moral damages suffered.

According to court records, the case unfolded when an Arab wife left her marital home and moved to another home after a heated argument and family dispute with her husband.

The husband decided to keep an eye on her and tracked her down. He later found out that she was involved in an illicit affair with a stranger.

Instead of confronting his wife and lover, he approached the RAK police for help. The pair was caught in the act while being alone with a stranger in their home.

RAK’s prosecutor accused the pair of being alone in private, even though the woman was married. The wife, who admitted the crime during the police investigation, later denied the charges before the prosecution.

The case was taken to the RAK misdemeanor court, where the wife again denied the charges, but the court found her and her boyfriend guilty and ordered them to pay a fine of Dh 5,000 each.

The husband took the case to the RAK civil court, which, based on the contravention court’s decision, ordered both of them to pay her husband an amount of Dh 15,000 each.

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