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Twitch is finally rolling out threaded replies in chat for everyone

After a limited test of the feature, Twitch is finally releasing chained responses to everyone, adding some organization to the conversations that, historically speaking, tend t

o be chaotic and difficult to follow. As expected, the chained responses show indentations in the responses under the original comment, making it easier to follow the conversation.

Twitch launched its test of chained chat responses last August, giving some users the opportunity to use the feature and send their comments. Based on this communication, Twitch added some features to the new response option and is now delivering it to all of its users. With the feature, users can reply to a chat message and have their response displayed below it.

Users can reply to a chat message by clicking on an icon next to it or using a keyboard shortcut for those times when you don’t want to use the trackpad. Users will notice that the “Chat” button changes to the “Reply” button when they start typing a reply to an existing chat message, helping to keep it clear where the reply will go.

Users can also gain access to a ‘View Topic’ link, depending on whether the message they’re commenting on is the original chat for a topic. Users will be able to leave the reply topic by clicking on the ‘X’ button, after which the ‘Reply’ button reverts to the ‘Chat’ button that we’re all familiar with.

Of course, your message will appear in the chat topic for other users to see. Twitch users have the option to set these topics for expanded or minimal viewing, depending on their chat appearance settings. Twitch details the new chat feature, including its shortcuts and related explanations, in a support document.

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