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Turkish Police Detain 62 People in Thodex Probe, State News Agency Says: Report

The crypto exchange was allegedly the subject of a legal complaint from its users, claiming that hundreds of millions of dollars were stolen.

Turkish police have detained 62 people in connection with criminal complaints against the exchange of Thodex encryption, according to reports citing the government-controlled Anadolu Agency.

  • The Thodex crypto exchange went offline April 18 with its CEO subsequently going missing, fleeing the country according to reports.
  • Istanbul police said that Faruk Fatih Ozer had flown to the Albanian capital Tirana on Tuesday.
  • According to a report by Reuters, citing the Turkish state-controlled news agency, prosecutors have issued arrest warrants for 78 people with 62 detained so far.
  • The Thodex exchange which has 400,000 members announced it was undergoing maintenance on April 18 and 19 subsequently telling users it would be offline for five days.
  • Users filed a complaint against the exchange Thursday alleging that hundreds of millions of dollars had been stolen.
  • Cryptocurrency has been thriving in Turkey this year with people turning to it as a hedge against inflation, which had reached as high as 16% in March as oil prices spiked, according to Bloomberg.
  • The central bank announced April 16 that cryptocurrency was to be banned as a means of payment.

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