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They say that LG will announce the fate of its mobile business next week

The past year has been a bad time for almost any and all markets, even the generally strong smartphone industry. Although all companies were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another, those that were already experiencing financial difficulties were hit even harder. In the mobile phone industry, companies like HTC, Sony and LG have long been regarded as struggling hard to keep their ships afloat. If this latest rumor is true, however, it could soon be the curtain for LG’s mobile communications or MC division.

Of course, it is difficult to take stock of every rumor or supposed insider tip coming our way, especially depending on the source of those rumors. LG has always refuted these prophecies of destruction, although he chose his words carefully to still leave room for some change of direction in the future. In other words, LG’s official word is that there is no official word yet, but this new tip puts a date on Monday in that official statement.

According to @FrontTron, LG will announce its final move on Monday, April 5, South Korea time. This announcement will largely revolve around how the phone division will be dismantled with a workforce of 4,000. employees. These will be transferred to other LG businesses, such as home appliances and consumer products, as previous rumors also claimed.

LG will try to interpret this not as a complete withdrawal from the telephony market and will likely commit to continuing to support existing phones. The leaker, however, doubts that LG will be able to actually deliver on this promise, which would mean that it would not be able to update even the phones that are still under support coverage.

Again, we cannot verify these claims that LG is likely to deny anyway. If true, however, it will surely be a sad day for the Android market when one of its biggest supporters bites the dust, especially the one that has had a major historical impact on Google’s mobile ecosystem.

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