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The opposition asked to join hands with the government to send a unified message on the holiness of Prophet Muhammad (PECE)

ISLAMABAD: Minister of Religious Affairs Noorul Haq Qadri and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan called on the Opposition to join hands with the government to send a unified message to the world, especially France, about the sanctity of the Holy Prophet ( PECE).

The appeal was made by the ministers in their separate statements.

Qadri said the government remained firm on resolving the issue about the French ambassador and honestly kept all promises made.

“The aim of establishing a parliamentary committee is to formulate a joint action plan and a consensus resolution incorporating the suggestions of all parties,” said Ali Mohammad Khan while appealing to the Opposition.

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Earlier this week, the government convened a session of the National Assembly and presented a resolution calling for the protection of the sanctity of the prophet mission of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PECE).

NA President Asad Qaiser has already asked the government and the Opposition to meet and formulate a unanimous resolution.

The resolution presented to the assembly was presented as a private member by PTI MNA Amjad Ali Khan.

It revolves around whether or not the French ambassador to Pakistan should be expelled after French President Emmanuel Macron defended Charlie Hebdo magazine’s right to republish blasphemous cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad (PECE).

On the same day, Amjad Ali Khan also requested the formation of a special parliamentary commission to discuss the expulsion of the French envoy.

At the request of the MNA, the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Ali Muhammad Khan, presented a separate resolution for the formation of the commission.

The resolution, after a verbal vote, was declared by NA President Asad Qaiser to be approved by parliament, amid cries of objection from the Opposition.

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