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The leaked AR glasses from Snap look great, but they’re not for you

It looks like Snap, the company behind Snapchat, is planning to launch another Spectacles hardware product – but you probably won’t be able to. This is a little disappointing, considering the alleged features that were leaked, including the ability to display Snapchat’s augmented reality filters directly on the headset in a real-life environment.

Details on the alleged hardware product come from sources who spoke to The Information, which says the next pair of glasses will be more robust than what we’ve seen so far – and, unfortunately, limited to just creators and developers. This means that, according to the report, users can see a beard filter superimposed on someone sitting nearby.

The currently available eyeglass models feature integrated cameras and microphones to capture still images and videos. Users can apply effects to this content, but cannot see them in real time directly through the lenses of smart glasses.

The new report states that state-of-the-art glasses will change that, but that the model will not be offered at the consumer level. It seems that Snap can expect developers to create new types of AR experiences that involve glasses, the availability and price of which were not included in the leak.

In addition, the report states that Snap is once again focusing on drones, which can be targeted at content creators who want to get more dynamic or extreme photos, impossible with a smartphone. Details are lacking, but this is not the first time we’ve heard statements about Snap’s drone project – rumors about these efforts surfaced in early 2017.

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