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The IKEA FÖRNUFTIG air purifier is unexpectedly cheap and elegant

IKEA has made an air purifier and, although there are many options for adding a little gas and removing odors from your home, the new FÖRNUFTIG has the advantage of being unexpectedly affordable. Unlike rival purifiers – which can cost hundreds of dollars to buy and then $ 60 + for replacement filters – IKEA takes a sheet of the company’s furniture manual.

This means not only an affordable price, but also an elegant design. In fact, at first glance, you could easily mistake the IKEA FÖRNUFTIG for a Bang & Olufsen speaker, at least if you just looked forward (and ignored the fact that it didn’t play music).

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For $ 54.99, the purifier itself is almost the same as some other companies charge only for replacing filters. It is 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide, with a depth of 4 inches. IKEA provides a simple support for use on the floor – there is also a fabric handle on the top for easy movement – or it can be mounted on the wall, horizontally or vertically.

Source: Slashgear

There is no wireless connectivity, remote application control or even a sensor to adjust the settings. Instead, you get a single button on the top, which controls power and the three fan levels. The smallest, says the retailer, is quiet enough with 28 dB so it can be used in a room without disturbing it.

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As for the filtration itself, FÖRNUFTIG comes with a particulate filter that IKEA claims to absorb about 99.5 percent of the smallest airborne particles, up to PM2.5. That means scale of dust and pollen. It can handle – depending on the fan speed – a room up to 85-105 square feet.

Source: Slashgear

Optional is a gas filter, which IKEA says adds filtration for things like formaldehyde as well. It should also help to reduce odors and smoke from cooling, says the retailer. It costs $ 9.99 and can be installed next to the particulate filter, whose replacements are even cheaper, for $ 5.49.

An LED on the top of the air purifier alerts you when you need to replace it, which IKEA suggests doing every six months.

Source: Slashgear

Air purifiers have become a growing business, as increased events such as forest fires, coupled with a greater focus on air quality and airborne viruses, make people more aware of what exactly they are breathing. While more advanced models – like the Coway Airmega AP-1512HHS that we reviewed last year – adding convenience features like WiFi and automatic fan control based on particle levels, they tend to be considerably more expensive than what IKEA is offering here. The FÖRNUFTIG is now available in IKEA stores, in white and black finish.

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