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The Bitcoin mining Game Boy mod goes for the money

The Nintendo Game Boy was one of the first most popular handheld game consoles on the market. The Game Boy was usually used for black and white games on the go. A Game Boy owner ran an interesting mod on his handheld console, allowing him to mine Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is one of the most valuable and popular cryptocurrencies today. The project required the modder to start with a basic Game Boy and a Raspberry Pi Pico developer card used as a connecting cable for a USB adapter. Pi was then connected to a computer to provide the Internet connection needed to mine Bitcoin.

As cool as the Bitcoin mining Game Boy is, it is incredibly slow to the task. Consider a current generation of ASIC miners, capable of producing around 100 terahashes per second, while the Game Boy can only produce 0.8 hashes per second. You start to get an idea of ​​how slow the process is on the Nintendo handheld console. This is approximately 125 trillion times slower than the current generation ASIC miner.

Anyone who wants to earn real money with Bitcoin will want to skip the mod for Game Boy. Essentially, the Game Boy will never mine a single bitcoin, making it more of a project just to see if it can happen than a useful modification.

Despite the mod’s limited practicality, it’s always cool to see someone prepare something interesting like that. There is no mention of what it took to create the software that was undoubtedly needed for mining operations. It does not appear that the hardware was particularly expensive to purchase.

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