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The Android beta Clubhouse has started for some

Like TikTok a while ago, the Clubhouse’s popularity is forcing many competitors in the social media space to create its own audio-only killer service. The fact that the Clubhouse has irritated the penalties of the bigger players, while still having a limited reach, is nothing short of a miracle, but his leadership will not last long. Android users are starting to cry out for their chance and the young social network has finally started on the road to its expansion, at least for a few chosen ones.

The way the Clubhouse works is almost brilliant in its simplicity and is probably how it managed to gain so much popularity. He did just one thing and did it well, offering an audio-only social space at the height of the “zoom fatigue” caused by an increase in videoconferences and chats. Since then, Facebook has launched its own “social audio” initiative, while other networks try to give their own audio-only spaces with certain twists and turns.

Despite being popular, the Clubhouse actually has a relatively small number of users because of how it works today. For now, it is invite-only and limited to iOS users only. While there are, of course, many iPhones out there, there are many Android phones as well. It was recently revealed that Clubhouse is actually starting to work on an Android version of the app since January and a beta seems to be available to some extent already.


The latest release notes for the Clubhouse on May 2 reveal that a “preliminary beta” of the Android app has already been made available to a handful of “friendly” testers. Like the Clubhouse itself, access to this beta is still exclusive for some, but developers are planning a slightly wider release in the coming weeks.

An Android app takes a long time to arrive, of course, and the Clubhouse definitely needs to improve its game to survive. It has not yet become widely available, but bigger names like Facebook and Twitter are already marching into this space. There are, of course, other platforms like Telegram and even Instagram that are adding audio-only features to compete as well.

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