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The airship map update between us is now available

The popular videogame Entre Nós has an update that is now available for download that brings a new map. The new map is called Airship and is available on all platforms. Airship is the fourth map offered through free updates and is the largest map to date.

Other snacks added in the free map update include new tasks ranging from polishing jewelry to emptying trash, among others. Players can now choose the room in which they start, and all new areas are available to explore and for the imposter to kill other players. The developers have expanded mobility options, giving players mobile ladders and platforms to use.

New hats were launched, including a heart pin, angry eyebrows, unicorn head, rubber gloves and more. The developers behind the latest update are specific, as the minimum system requirements for mobile devices include iOS 13 and Android 6. Along with the free update, new paid assets also come.

A new Airship Skin Bundle is available for purchase, giving players new gear to use for their characters in the game. Each of the new clothes in the package offers its own personalized killing animation. As with any popular game, Between Us is battling cheaters who make the game less fun for everyone. Last week, developers unveiled a new Code of Conduct and account system.

Source: Slashgear

The accounting system focuses on reporting and moderation features, but developers hope to add a friendly system in the future and transfer cosmetics between devices. One caveat is that only one account can be made per device, and if multiple people are using the same device, it will be blocked for now. The developers promised a hotfix for this problem soon.

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