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Telus International makes public debut in largest ever tech IPO for TSX

Tales Corporation’s digital consulting business, Tales International, is now a publicly traded company that is separate from Tales Telecom.

The stock opened today on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “TIXT”, and the proceeds made it the largest initial public offering by a technology company in the history of the Toronto Stock Exchange. Will give

Shares rose more than 30 percent on the first morning of trading in Toronto, after Tales International raised the price of an IPO to ڈالر 25 per share overnight after a road show with investors.

Tales International describes itself as an experienced customer company, with over 600 clients, including Google, Uber, TikTuk, PayPal and Zara.

The newly spun off Telus International relies on consulting firms, IT companies and traditional contact centers as competitors, but also works on high-tech projects such as moderating social media and creating bots.

Telus Corp. it still has about 67 percent of the voting power at Telus International now that it is public, but Telus International will earn about $ 490 million from the IPO to pay the debt.

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