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T-Mobile announces major investment in Google services, Pixel phones

While all U.S. carriers now offer Android phones on their shelves, T-Mobile has a distinctive place in the history of Android. It is the operator to really put its faith in the still-emerging smartphone platform with the T-Mobile G1, also known as the HTC Dream. Now it is renewing its close ties not only with Android, but with the entire Google ecosystem, betting on some of the services of the technology giant, even at the expense of one of its own.

Like many of its rivals, T-Mobile has launched some of its own services, especially when it comes to video on demand and video streaming. In fact, their Live, Live + and Live Zone were announced last October. Perhaps it is a demonstration of your commitment to the stronger relationship with Google, the fact that you are losing pace in favor of a single YouTube TV experience.

The announcement of a stronger partnership between the operator and Google also means more apps and services being pre-installed and offered on Android phones. This includes, for example, a Google One cloud storage subscription that also serves as a secure backup for devices.

T-Mobile is also making a rather bold move to make Android Messaging the default messaging app on all of its Android devices. This, however, also comes with support for Rich Communication Services or RCS, the SMS successor that Google has been trying to push in the industry. This, of course, requires support from the operator and this change is practically a great demonstration of this support for technology.

Although it has many Android phones on its network, the partnership will also see T-Mobile pushing Pixel devices harder. This will cover the sales and support of phones designed by Google, which the latter is likely to hope will help increase the Pixel’s profile and sales in the country. This not only suggests that T-Mobile will be carrying more than just the Pixel 4a (5G), but that even more Pixel devices will be coming soon as well.

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