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Subaru teases more rugged Outback model reveal for March 30

Subaru shared a single teaser image that shows the underside of a new version of Outback. It is not an entirely new model; it is a new level of finish that will bring a more robust appearance and, presumably, better off-road capability for the popular wagon. Reports indicate that the vehicle would be called the Subaru Outback Wilderness Edition and that it will land as a 2022 model.

We can’t see much in the image other than a more robust underlay on the side, different wheels and the Yokohama Geolander A / T all-terrain tire fitting. Adjusting better tires to an off-road vehicle is often one of the best things you can do to improve traction and capacity. The expectation is that the Outback Wilderness Edition will be the first of a line of vehicles more robust of the automaker.

The assumption is that we will see models with the Wilderness emblem offered on most other Subaru SUVs. However, a rumor claims that a Crosstrek Wilderness version will only be sold in Canada. That would be a strange move, considering that Crosstrek is popular in the United States, especially in Colorado. Some dealerships are selling versions of the Crosstrek with replacement wheels and clinging tires.

The Outback Wilderness model will not be geared to real off-road work on trails as a jeep can be used. Thick tires will give more grip on relatively well-groomed dirt roads that lead to hiking or mountain biking trails. There is no price indication at this time for the Wilderness model, but we can hear these details on March 30, when the official vehicle reveal is made.

It would be a safe bet that the Wilderness model will see some changes to the front and rear bumpers to differentiate it from other Outback models. Perhaps the interior also sees some changes to match its robust style on the outside.

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