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Shadow and Bone season 2 release date rumors: When is season 2 coming out?

Shadow and Bone arrive on Netflix on Friday, April 23, and fans are watching the entire first season as soon as they can. Obviously, this means that fans are wondering when Shadow and Bone second season will be released.

Well, there have been some rumors, rumors and reports about Shadow and Bone season 2, and we are going to share that with you soon.

Given the nature of this, there may be some spoilers about the first season of the original Netflix series below.

When will the second season of Shadow and Bone be released?
So, according to a report from What’s on Netflix, Shadow and Bone season 2 is in the works. Netflix renewed the series for the second season and ordered another season of the fantasy series.

Netflix did not confirm this report and we do not expect the streaming network to do this for at least a month or more after its debut date.

We have to assume that Shadow and Bone is coming back for the second season. This show has a lot of potential. I don’t think Netflix is ​​playing a game from season to season here; I think this show will last as long as the creative team wants to do it. If things go the way I think they will, this will be a Netflix show with multiple seasons and a long duration.

Netflix can’t end this series with Alina and Mal on the run! Did you see what happened to the Darkling? We haven’t seen the best part of Kaz, Inej and Jesper’s story yet! This can’t be the end!

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything about the release date for the second season of Shadow and Bone yet. And we didn’t hear anything about the start of production anytime soon or anything like that.

Hopefully, production will start soon, but we don’t know if that is right or not with the current state of the pandemic.

Shadow and Bone was filmed in Budapest, Hungary, and we have to imagine that it would also be where the second season would be filmed.

We expect a long interval between the premiere of season 1 and the release of season 2. Great shows like this with CGI action sequences and effects take much longer than Netflix’s regular dramas and comedies.

Shadow and Bone season 2, if all goes well, could be released on Netflix sometime in 2022. I think the spring of 2022 may be a little early, so I’ll make a more conservative prediction of a release date for the fall of 2022.

New seasons of The Last Kingdom, The Witcher, The Umbrella Academy and other Netflix shows like this are released about 18 months apart. We are assuming that the second season of Shadow and Bone will follow a similar schedule.

So expect the new season in 2022, probably much later in the year.

This is the best we can do for now! Stay tuned for more news on Shadow and Bone season 2.

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